Effective revenue and expenditure management tool for SMEs

revenue and expenditure management tool

Owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are greatly interested in revenue and expenditure management tool because this tool helps them avoid omission and confusion of statistics and it has to extremely simple to be used immediately.

From the experience of Vtiger CRM software application, Innocom feels that this is really an appropriate solution (up to 90%) for demand of businesses. Vtiger has simple interface, Information security according to each account, strong customized report support, etc that will surely satisfy business owners. Please see below detailed of Vtiger module for revenue and expenditure management tool

  1. Daily/weekly/monthly revenue and expenditure statistics

Report is the most important to the revenue and expenditure management. Thanks to Vtiger CRM, you can create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports with various forms such as charts or detailed tables for each item. To monitor regularly, you can pin the report on dashboard and it will automatically update daily change.

Revenue report

Revenue report

Monthly expenditure report

Monthly expenditure report

  1. Report on payment and debt status

Vtiger module of revenue and expenditure management helps you track due, overdue or paid items. Late payments will be marked in a different color for accountants to easily follow and handle. You just need to enter information and the software will synthesize and remind you.

Overdue items

Overdue items are marked in purple

  1. Creation and sending of invoices, orders and quotes

Frequently used documents such as requests for advance payment, payment requests, orders, quotes, etc will have available forms on the software. When accountants use this software, they only need to access and change information and convert to PDF or hard copies to send to customers. All operations are extremely simple.

Payment Request Form

Create Payment Request Form

  1. Automatic price calculation and discount deduction

A special feature in Vtiger extension is automatic discount and commission calculation for sales and brokers. For each completed contract and invoices issue, Vtiger software will automatically deduct commission according to a predetermined rate formula.

Discount deduction

Discount deduction for sale

Above are the most basic features of Vtiger software support the revenue and expenditure management of SMEs. Only with extremely simple manipulations, you can track your expenditure activities in your business. In addition, Vtiger CRM software can manage other activities of businesses such as marketing, sales, warehouse management, etc. You can learn more about Vtiger module. This is a really wonderful management tool for SMEs.