If you’re tired of managing a sales team, try Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM

Nowadays all managers are interested in the capacity improvement and managing a sales team because that department directly contact with customers and help increase sales of companies. However, sales team faces the most common problems as follows:

Do not understand customers: 69% of customers want sellers to understand their needs (Hubspot source) => Need comprehensive information about customers.

Early give up: 50% of purchase activities takes place after the 5th contact, but most sellers often give up after the 2nd contact (InsideSales source) => Lack of steps of standard sales process for sales team.

Do not choose right potential customers => Lack of potential customer evaluation information

Sales staff spend less time on selling products: Sales staff spends 66% of the time of a day on administrative activities (HubSpot source) => Need to reduce time for outside sales activities.

Understanding the original cause of these problems, Vtiger CRM has released Vtiger Module of managing a sales team to help managers improve their team performance and increase revenue.

  1. Synthesize customer documents

Vtiger CRM helps to synthesize all information and documents of each customer on a single profile, which is the profile of that customer. It synthesizes transactions, quotes, invoices, notes, personalities, birthdays, etc of customers for new sales staff to understand their customers at the begin.

Synthesize all customer information

Synthesize all customer information and documents

  1. Create sales process

Establish standard sales process steps in accordance with company’s specifications to help sales staff understand sales stages and targets to achieve sales. This helps limit a lot of psychological discouragement and abandonment of staff.

sales process

See contact stages with a customers and easily switch the stage by a click

Measure business processes

Measure business processes according to business specifications

  1. Manage works of sales staff

Manage work schedule and work performance of each staff to reward in time . Managers also knows the productivity of the sales team based on detailed reports. This is one of the key to managing a sale team

Evaluate activities of sale staff

Evaluate activities of sale staff

Quản lý nhân viên sale

  1. Manage sales opportunities

Synthesize sales opportunities in the potential opportunity list. See statistics of sales opportunities according to the contact period. Evaluate which sales opportunity is potential to continuously focus on.

sales opportunities

Synthesize sales opportunities in a tracking list

Evaluate potential customers

Evaluate potential customers to focus on sales

  1. Revenue statistics

Customize revenue reports of staff or overall revenue that help managing a sales team more easily

Revenue report

Revenue report and sales activity

  1. Install private branch exchange

sets up internal switchboards, outbound and inbound. Implement regular calls as well as auto calls. Create report statistics on call history and effectiveness.

call center

Implement calls from the customer list by a click

call center

Switchboard call history

  1. View transaction history with customers

All operations related to a customer are recorded in the transaction history with customers. Managers can be easily review in case of need.

Synthesize working schedule

Synthesize working schedule with customers

  1. Create contracts and quotes

Thanks to Vtiger module of sales management, you can create document templates, contracts, quotes and invoices to save. When you need to use these documents, you only need to edit the content and quickly send it to customers right on the software.

Create document templates

Create document templates

Create document templates

  1. Forecast sales

Vtiger module of sales management sets up monthly, quarterly and yearly sales targets and automate sales forecasts based on historical data.

Forecast sales

sale target

  1. Create calendar, remind the calendar to meet customers

Quickly create appointment calendars and works with customers. Monitor work schedules both of each individual and team. Set up a reminder notification when the appointment calendar comes. In addition of managing a sales team module, Vtiger CRM also allows you to synchronize with google calendar for easy job management.

working calendar

Quickly create working calendar

manage working calendar

  1. Periodic services

A very effective module for spas, gym clinics, etc is to set up periodic services. The software will automatically create periodic services booked by you in advance and automatically remind customers when the service appointment comes. You can track the stages of service execution times in a summary table.

manage periodic services
manage periodic services

You can see more features of Vtiger CRM software or if you want to find Vtiger partner in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact us