Vtiger recognised as “One to Watch” and voted 3rd best in cloud CRMs!


Vtiger always receives positive feedback and reviews from customers. This demonstrates the efforts of application designers who have been recognized and rewarded.

vtiger awards

Vtiger was recently recognised as “One to Watch” in the mid-size market category by CRM Magazine as part of their 2018 CRM Market Awards. Besides, this unit also received good news. that they were voted CRM good 3rd in the ranking of GetApp category leaders. Both of these recognition help reinforce the mission of Vtiger: Building software that gives businesses the ability to create effective and long-term relationships with customers.

Jim Dickie, a partner of CSO Insights, has continued to praise Vtiger as a CRM solution for solid starters, including functionality and affordability. Analysts rated Vtiger to achieve 3.8 points of customer satisfaction and 4.2 points of affordability in the maximum score of 5. This confirms the belief in the fact that their products are appreciated.

On GetApp’s quarterly CRM ranking, Vtiger is one of the top 5 CRM leaders in this type of software. Ranking is based on 5 specific factors: evaluation, integration, mobility, functionality and security. And recently, they has reached the 3rd position in the ranking.

Some of the key factors driving CRM market are: smart consumer demand and growing business understanding of customers. Setting better customer experience requirements and increasing demand to streamline the sales process, efficient use of the workforce. Deploying a good CRM software will become necessary rather than another option in the coming years if companies want to survive in this competition. That’s why, if you still haven’t implemented CRM for your business, you should try using it now.

This is a great honor and pride of Vtiger when receiving such great prizes. It motivates their mission and vision of allowing sales, marketing and customer service teams to have timely and better-informed interactions with customers that lead to external successes. expectations. Vtiger continues to aim at breaking the framework of simple applications to create a truly integrated product. The forward roadmap will be interesting with many launches of useful and upcoming features that will enhance customer communication channels for marketing, sales and customer service groups.

On this special occasion, Innocom would like to congratulate Vtiger for receiving these prestigious awards. And in Vietnam, we are proud to be the leading company providing and developing Vtiger Vietnam solutions. If you are choosing an advanced and effective customer management software for your business, please contact us immediately for advice and answer the most useful information.