Web site administration and care services

  • Customers do not have website personnel or do not want to arrange specialized personnel because the efficiency is not as expected, website management – website care service of INNOCOM can solve this problem.
  • You only need to make requests and desires about your website, all issues related to the website care will be done by the specialized staff of INNOCOM at the most reasonable cost.

Why need website administration?

  • There are not enough sources of information needed to guide and update your website.
  • Too little time to search and edit news articles for your website.
  • Feel too complicated when using the editing tools on the website system.
  • Feeling confused when having to check each spelling of information before posting on the website.
  • Feeling hesitant to spend a considerable expense to hire a staff to update your website.
  • The current job of the website administrator is not satisfactory.
  • Wondering if your website exists broken links, not leading viewers to the right page you need to show them.

How does INNOCOM manage websites?

  • Editing and updating content for the website
  1. Update related specialized information on the website.
  2. Image processing products for the website.
  3. Update new products for the website.
  4. Advertising banner design.
  • Statistics – web administration report
  1. Report monthly website visits.
  2. The most viewed pages.
  3. The most viewed products and services.
  • Website maintenance
  1. Monitor and backup the system.
  2. Handling when the system has problems with website, domain, hosting.
  • Track rankings and optimize results at the search engines
  1. By monitoring the ranking of the website, we will conduct keyword registration to improve the website’s ranking in search results on search engines.
  2. Always make sure the results of the website always appear in the first page of google (For the predefined keywords depending on the service pack).
  • Consulting website development strategy
  1. Branding from the internet
  2. Building and promoting through society (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter …)
  3. Email Marketing application & development.
  • Customer interaction – INNOCOM when managing websites?
  1. You transfer your request, documents via email / phone.
  2. INNOCOM processes, edits and updates requests to the website
  3. Let INNOCOM advise & help you to get the most advanced & professional website.