Dịch vụ SEO website
Dịch vụ SEO website
  1. Website SEO services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is translated into Vietnamese as Search Engine Optimization, that is, making websites or other types of digital content get high rankings on the search rankings (SERPs) of Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, … (Search engines).
SEO standards are understood as achieving optimal factors to be search engine friendly.

Types of Innocom’s SEO services:

  1. SEO audit: Analyze and overall evaluate the website, edit the content, links, basic criteria for the website to meet SEO standards to ensure that Google evaluates the website well when performing keyword SEO.
  2. Keyword SEO: The article writing and running service focuses on some basic keywords so that the ranking of the website on google can be as high as the current website status.
  3. Overall SEO Services: Optimize websitechun SEO just run keyword SEO. This service will ensure the best website standing on Google in the long term.

2. How google evaluates a standard SEO website

  • Optimize title, keyword, description.
  • Optimize links (url or website address).
  • Optimize images: images must be displayed in the right size, not distorted, broken images, and must have a description tag for the image (alt).
  • Content optimization: use H1, H2, …, H6 tags to highlight the content of the website.

3. Advantages of Innocom’s SEO services

  • Advise you how is the standard SEO web design.
  • Is your website properly SEO or not yet a tool to check SEO standards?
  • Optimize the interface with search engines and users
  • Advice on keywords, describing how is the standard SEO +
  • Supported the development of standard SEO content
  • Website design standards SEO reputation with reasonable prices
  • Maintenance, lifetime warranty.
  • The standard web design service that INNOCOM brings will help you save maximum costs, personnel and effort in SEO. From our professional experience, we are always ready to create professional SEO websites, full of features that suit your requirements.

4. How to implement SEO web of Innocom

INNOCOM will implement search engine optimization methods for the website. Specifically, implement the methods to get the website to rank high on Google search when searching with keywords according to the section below.

Method of SEO (Methodology)

* SEO On Page:

– Copywriting: Writing news articles that contain keywords

– Meta tag: Highlight keywords and link articles with keywords

– Alt tag: Optimize keywords on images

– Inbound link: Create internal links linking the articles in the page to optimize the traffic of customers

* Offpage SEO:

– Building satellite site blog system

– Building Social media Ecosystem: System of different social networking sites, sharing articles and links

– Social event: Building and proposing events on social networks (photo contest, writing contest, like contest)

– Backlink buiding: Get links from other sites, exchange banners

– Forum seeding: Post articles to related forums

Method of evaluating results:

– When searching to check the results, you must write exactly the keywords registered in the contract (distinguish keywords with and without accents).

– INNOCOM will report weekly to customers about keyword rankings and ongoing SEO tactics

– 5 days before the end of the month, INNOCOM will send a notice to customers to know the project situation and decide to run the next month.

  1. Process of cooperation

  • Receive requests from customers
  • Analyze websites, keywords, survey competitors
  • Make content proposals, plans and quotes for SEO services, advise customers on keywords, tracking tools
  • Contracting SEO website
  • Organize and follow the plan
  • Periodic reports from time to time agreed by both sides
  • Acceptance and handover after project completion.

Immediately contact INNOCOM on 0942 8888 95 for free consultation support and the fastest, highest quality service at a reasonable cost.