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Customer care chatbox

1. Chatbox for website

Chatbox is a chat box automatically installed on the Website and appears to greet when customers visit the site. Like a receptionist, the chatbox helps pick up guests and capture customer information.

2. The strong point of Innocom’s livechatbox

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Information immediately upon access

Your power and when you are in the site


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Customize colors, chat window messages

Colors suitable for the brand, images attract attention at the chat window right right of the screen


Customer care online 24/7

Automatically online on the Website, computers and mobile applications … continuous connection, ready at any time

Auto message

Allows you to set up automatic messages according to a variety of conditions, such as visitor time, when visitors visit a specific page, or perform an action, etc. from which the chatbox can talk to guests. natural goods that customers don’t even recognize as being exchanged for automated software.


Access reports and chat history

Allows you to see who is visiting the website and which page they are viewing, send a conversation report that the consultant and the customer have exchanged.


Managing multiple websites

You can manage multiple websites, conveniently answer customer questions at the same time on multiple websites with the same account.

3. Installation cost

The cost of installation and customization for livechatbox is 300k / time / website for lifetime use. Unlimited number of users.

4. Method of installation

Please contact phone number 0942 8888 95 to get advice and best price quotation.

5. Reviews from customers

Pham Nguyet Anh – Director of Vietliketravel Company

Thanks to LiveChatBox, my Marketing Department runs ads more effectively than I expected. Hopefully, in the coming time, Innocom will have more and more useful products like this.

Tran Hong Hanh – Travel & Event Pr Marketing

Livocatbox service of Innocom is quite suitable for tourism business of Thang Long GTC Travel. Livechatbox is easy to use, convenient, and has a good effect on customer care. In addition to PCs, livechatbox can also be used on smartphone devices, so customers can receive prompt and continuous care and advice.

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