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  1. The problem of businesses now

In today’s business environment, businesses often face many management problems such as:

  • The information is scattered, not centralized, so it is difficult to synthesize and make decisions
  • Too much work from the departments makes it impossible to track the progress of the project, what stage to adjust in time
  • Business owners often have to be present to solve problems and fail to keep track of work on business trips
  • Can’t keep old customers due to frequent contact, forgotten customer care schedule
  • Employees quit their jobs and take customer information with them
  • Parts do not interact with each other so overlap reduces productivity
  • Decreasing competitiveness in the market due to slow technology adoption
  • Cannot accurately assess the capacity of the staff
  • Therefore, the solution is to have a centralized system so that business owners can manage the entire operation in the organization, and the departments are also authorized to monitor and interact in during operation. This system will improve the productivity of each individual in particular and the whole organization in general
  1. Business management software – ABMS

Innocom’s management solution was developed based on the popular management software platform worldwide for the past 10 years. After a period of research and improvement, ABMS is completed almost an ERP solution, capable of customizing according to the needs of each business, automating business processes, perfectly solving the problems of enterprise.

  1. Key features of ABMS software

  • Customer care: Manage customer lists, transaction details, documents, appointments … Take care of old customers and potential customers.
  • Marketing automation: Connecting sales and marketing to create sms marketing and email marketing campaigns. Linking to website platforms helps increase customer conversion rates.
  • Sales: Manage the business process of the sales team. Export report documents, proposals …. in professional form. Connect sale switchboard.
  • System management: Automate business processes, decentralize security levels, export reports, statistical data and automatically send emails periodically.
  • Supply management: Manage product items. Export periodic inventory reports.
  • Human resource management: Managing staff about progress, productivity and work efficiency ….
  1. Why should you use Innocom’s ABMS software?

  • Customizable according to the needs of each business
  • Friendly interface, easy to use
  • Suitable for many types of businesses: production, trade, distribution, services …
  • Sample process has been set up, businesses can refer or modify to suit them
  • 10-year warranty after transfer
  • Training and user manual for officials and employees in the company
  • Support advice 24/7 when required.

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