Marketing online
Marketing online
  1. Marketing solutions for businesses

To compete in the market, nowadays businesses have their own marketing or business plan stemming from reality and experience. However, these plans may only be effective partially or in a period of time without long-term and overall. While competitors have conducted marketing in many ways, on many channels that we are not even aware of.

For that reason, businesses need a strategic marketing solution to help business owners have an overview and choose for themselves the best way to develop business. A good marketing solution can help businesses

  • Understand the needs and wants of the target customers and how to approach them
  • Assess your competitors and your media channels
  • Having a sound and strategic marketing plan quickly increases customer awareness and reach.
  • Optimize marketing costs, improve brand image from which to increase sales.
  1. Marketing consulting services of Innocom

Research and marketing planning

  • Market research, business goals
  • Select and analyze target customer groups
  • Define marketing goals
  • Define communication message
  • Identify communication channels
  • Communication planning
Implementing communication activities
  • Website design
  • Adword
  • Graphic design
  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO google
  • Video recording, video editing
  • Event organization
Communication manager
  • Evaluate and optimize communication channels
  • Communication campaign management
  1. The reason for choosing Innocom’s Marketing solution

  • Innocom’s consulting team is experts from many industries: Sales, distribution, manufacturing, services, law, marketing … with many years of consulting experience for businesses in Vietnam.
  • Applying technology helps business development activities become simple, effective and affordable
  • Provide a complete solution from strategy to implementation, ensuring smooth and effective brand development plan
  • Over 9 years of experience in deploying digital communication channels, we are capable of consulting to help customers achieve efficiency at the most reasonable cost.
  • Creativity in messaging and media campaigns
  1. Typical customers

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Please contact INNOCOM right away at 0942 8888 95 for advice, support and fastest service delivery, best quality at a reasonable cost.